Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Digital (Online) and Printed (Club Flyers) marketing tips for the 2016

The world is evolving and people start to think that printed marketing is already dead as they see so many huge club flyers brands, newspaper and magazine brands going out of business or just scaling down their production and bents to a fraction by moving all their movements to an online environment where they carry no substance or no dragging power at all, maybe someone else predominates in the online media already so any effort on re-gaining an audience once a business moved to the online world, is a very difficult task.

But wait, printed marketing, magazines, newspaper is not still dead, some of us believe that printed marketing works even better than online strategies, but you have to know how to do it and where to distribute your printed pieces.

Printed Marketing Materials

If you decide to go ahead and print some marketing goods for the promotion of your services or business, the first thing that will come into your mind, what should I get? While you have a full range of printed products like business cards, club flyers, brochures, yard signs, and vinyl banners among others, it will mostly depend on what your area, neighborhood allows you to use.

Be Careful with Banned Marketing Products

For example, the door hangers were exploited by marketers’ years ago, many cities noticed this activity and started to ban businesses that practiced this activity locally. Another example is the flyers in the windshield wiper of a car that has been completely banned from many cities, states and even countries.

Local Newspaper like Latin Opinion

So before you go ahead and decide what printed material to choose from, do a little background research, ask your neighbors, sometimes, there is a local newspaper that people reads a lot and you don’t know about it, good example for that is Latin Opinion newspaper in Baltimore, MD that gets just where it needs to go, restaurants, markets, hair style salon and barbershop and more. This particular newspaper, also has a website where they publish all local printed advertisers as well, giving a double benefit to the subscriber.

Custom Printed Marketing Goods

For this article we want to talk about the printed postcard or club flyers and methods of handing them out as one of the most affordable and effective ways to produce marketing for a service or business.
Postcards and club flyers are among most popular printed pieces available in today’s scenery, if you have an event, you need club flyers, if you have a discount code you want to share, you need a club flyer, the list goes on and on for the possible uses a flyer may have. 

The size selection is very important as you don’t want to overwhelm the prospect customer with a so big flyer that they are incapable of storing it for future use, so take into account that 4”x6” is the standard and most popular size for club flyers.

Design Tips for the Club Flyer

Full color both sides looks good anytime! For the front part of the club flyer you can include coupon codes and generic images related to your business, but never forget to include the company name, phone and address so people can get back to you eventually. In the back side of the postcard there is always a good idea to add some map stuff with directions on how to get back to your business, maybe showing a drawing of main streets and avenues.

Handing Out the Club Flyers

If you just hire someone to through away your club flyers, you can be sure it is as good as getting them into the trash can, the way a flyer gets out effectively, is by hiring someone that you believe will care about you or your business, that has at least a little bit of knowledge about your services so in case someone asks a question on the spot, they will know what to answer, good physical appearance is a must, as people don’t like to be approached by bad looking or smelling guys and the list goes on and on about little things that will help your flyer to spread the voice and get you the results you are looking for.

Online Marketing Choices

In the other hand, if you decided to buy some online credits for your marketing efforts, you might get disappointed on the return of your investment if you don’t know how to do it the right way.
Google AdSense, Yahoo Market and many other pay per click marketers online are one of the easiest way to try the retention of your business and ads online, for a deeper approach you may go with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but for now let’s stay with the practical pay per click choice, marketers often use these ads to promote your website directly which has fewer return than what we are about to recommend you.

Promote Your Local Page

Google Places and Yahoo Places are very popular for GPS directory inclusion of your business, what people still don’t know is that promoting your local place page locally is much cheaper than promoting your website directly, also the return and customer action percentage is bigger too. Someone searching for a product or service will trust more a local place ad vs a particular website ad that could be business based in another country.

Include a Coupon

Many local places are now allowing business owners to include coupons and discount codes as promotion and call to action incentive to the visitor. Don’t forget to add yours while creating the page or the local listing ad.

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